CS Mobile Manager

Pocket Inspection Tool
Pocket Survey Tool


With CS Mobile Manager you can perform cleaning inspections and surveys using your Apple mobile device—and sync the data with your CS Optimizer database.

With Pocket Inspection Tool You Can Easily:

  • Create a process for cleaning inspections
  • Sync the process forms to your Apple devices
  • Perform the inspections
  • Sync results with your CS Optimizer database

Already an ES Optimizer User? Download Mobile Manager and get Pocket Inspection Tool Now.

Need more power? Upgrade to Pocket Survey Tool.

For powerful survey capabilities, upgrade your CS Mobile Manager with Pocket Survey Tool and conduct web-based polling with your Apple device. Now it’s easy to get the answers to practically any question you may have to support your quality assurance.

What do patients think about the care environment?
Are my people and systems prepared for an emergency?
Is my facility compliant with OSHA and JCAHO regulations?

Choose from the included library of survey templates or build your own survey. Transfer your surveys to your favorite mobile device for use in the field. Then collect and enter data directly—and say goodbye to tiresome handwritten forms.

Map a straight, clear path to improvement.

Pocket Survey Tool is developed and supported by some of the top minds in facility management. The software is designed especially for the busy facility manager who is responsible for quality assurance.

With Pocket Survey Tool, you’ll identify opportunities for improvement in:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Safety and emergency management
  • Equipment readiness
  • Fire prevention
  • Waste management
  • Custodial services
  • Security
  • Disaster preparedness

Already an ES Optimizer User?
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Pocket Survey Tool Features

Web-based, no PC needed.
Access PSt via your browser. Build virtually any survey on your desktop, then transfer it to your Apple mobile device. It’s seamless from one device to another.

Easy data entry.
Enter information into PSt once and be done. No more having to transfer handwritten notes or enter data twice.

Convenient templates.
Get a quick start on your survey with our library of ready-made formats and survey types.

Swift adoption.
PSt requires minimal setup and training—you can put it to work right away.

Seamless across your enterprise.
Upload survey data wirelessly or with MS Active Sync into an MS-SQL database for uniform reporting.

Location lists.
Track where your surveys are conducted, including departments and even rooms within departments.

Ideal for benchmarking.
Be sure your goals for safety, cleanliness, and security support quality improvement.

Flexible user management.
Set up users and user groups, set passwords, define access to surveys and data, and activate and inactivate users as needed.

Multiple scoring options.
Customize your score types, including true-false, numeric, and pass-fail.

Reporting your way.
Reports are available as soon as a survey is completed. Create custom reports and send via email as pdf attachments.

Turnkey assistance.
Startup help includes hands-on training for your staff. You also get survey templates and a jump-start on survey management.


PSt is licensed “per seat” (per user). Each licensed user enjoys full access to design surveys, conduct them, and run reports. Your license includes toll-free technical support and regular software upgrades. On-site training and installation options are also available. Call us at 800-260-8665 for details.