Key Features of CS Optimizer

Equip your Custodial Services Department
for the best cleaning performance
with Smart Facility Software Software.


Key Features of CS Optimizer

Cost Containment
  • Right-size staffing and budgeting
  • Swift, flexible response to budget changes
Standardization and Procedures
  • Document and standardize custodial tasks
  • Track employee training requirements and compliance
Equitable Work Assignments
  • Manage staffing and schedule personnel
  • Enhance productivity and morale
  • Stay ahead of everything with proactive scheduling
Tracking and Reporting
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Communication for good teamwork
  • Simplified reporting and management

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Right-Sized Staffing and Budgeting
What is the right budget for my facility’s custodial services? What variables affect my staffing?
Once your total custodial requirements are specified, CS Optimizer enables you to create a concise staffing model. Reports are tailored to enable a precise budget for your department’s labor and all associated costs. The software considers every variable that impacts your staffing. You get a customized model for the most efficient customer service.Swift, Flexible Response to Budget Changes
What course might I take if I must reduce my budget? What service reductions can we live with?
Company resources are fluid. Customers’ needs change constantly, and your department must be able to respond. CS Optimizer keeps you flexible. “What If” scenarios let you quickly evaluate service options and choose the best alternatives. You can easily show the implications for any proposed cost or service reduction.


Document and Standardize Custodial Tasks
How can I assess the time needed to clean a room or area? What standards should I set to maintain the cleanliness of my facility?
Setting standards begins with a physical survey to catalogue every cleaning requirement of your facility. The process looks at every square foot. CS Optimizer uses this documentation to create a standard for every custodial task. Daily and project standards establish exact cleaning times for all areas.Track Employee Training Requirements and Compliance
How can I track the training of employees? What’s the best way to ensure their progress?
Employee development is key to the performance of your CS Department. CS Optimizer provides the expertise and a workable training plan to ensure your long-term success. It simplifies the process for establishing an effective training program and tracking each employee’s participation. It keeps you compliant with industry regulations — while strengthening the skills your employees need for personal growth and professional success.


Manage Staffing and Schedule Personnel
How can I make sure I have all assignments covered consistently? How can I best handle sudden absences?
Unexpected absences are a frequent problem for custodial services. With CS Optimizer, you have a system to easily manage them. No more having to scramble at the last minute to fill the gaps. You’ll have every task covered—and free up time for more productive uses.Enhance Productivity and Morale
How do I assign work equitably? How much work should I assign to each employee?
How you handle work assignments makes a big difference in the performance of your CS Department. With the right balance, you gain cost efficiencies, enhance customer satisfaction, and create good employee morale. Likewise, a lack of balance can open a Pandora’s Box of employee discontent and customer frustration. Employees, supervisors, personnel in other departments, visitors and residents—all benefit when work assignments are properly balanced. CS Optimizer lets you do it easily.Stay Ahead of Everything with Proactive Scheduling
How can I ensure consistency for project-based cleaning? How can I keep my customers informed about their areas?
If the floors don’t shine, or the carpets aren’t clean, or the restrooms don’t sparkle, people will see your facility as dirty. ES Optimizer organizes project cleaning and keeps you on top of it. You’ll avoid customer dissatisfaction and cleaning by “crisis management.” You’ll also support your employees with a clear plan for keeping up with periodic duties. When your employees can concentrate on the job at hand, they are less frustrated and more productive.


Continuous Quality Improvement
How do I know if rooms are really clean? How can I ensure continuous quality improvement?
Quality management is essential for a facility to be consistently clean. It involves everyone—employees, supervisors, managers, and administrators. And it must take every square foot of the facility into consideration. CS Optimizer samples the data and compiles key findings so you have a clear view of your quality performance.Communication for Good Teamwork
How can I ensure each manager has the information they need? Can I prevent access to information by those who don’t need it?
With CS Optimizer, you control access to the information. Changes to data are immediate, and you can make them transparent or hidden. In other words, you decide who has access and who doesn’t. With the same software at their fingertips, your managers are able to better coordinate their actions. And they will find CS Optimizer makes it easy to generate reports that reinforce good decision-making.Simplified Reporting and Management
How can I simplify the preparation of monthly reports? How easy is it to get the data into my favorite MS application?
CS Optimizer takes the hassle out of reporting. You can quickly compile the data you need in a focused, concise report. Most of the functions allow you to export data directly into MS Excel.