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Smart Facility Software introduced the first release of ES Optimizer in 1986. Today, it remains the industry’s leading choice for managing environmental services. As you read this, ES Optimizer is at work in major medical institutions across the U.S., helping them save money and improve quality.

Like all our products, ES Optimizer has years of know-how and practical experience built in. It is a highly evolved solution that puts the best thinking in facility management right at your fingertips.

Your quality goes up. Your costs go down.

We stake our reputation on the performance of our products and their ease of use. We commit to your success, and we stand behind our products with superior service and support.

For single sites and multiple locations, for union and non-union environments, our software solutions have saved customers millions of dollars. We’ll help you, too.

Talk to our clients.

ES Optimizer is proven in the more than 950 hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities that rely on it every day. If you wish to know what users think about our software, we will put you in touch with them. Click here to request users of ES Optimizer you may contact.

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