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Environmental Services Staffing Analysis: Advantages of Inventory Plus Methodology Over Benchmarking

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In the environmental services industry, it is not uncommon for a staffing analysis benchmarking report to come back with a potential for significant savings if it can be successfully implemented. At the same time, it’s not uncommon for EVS departments to struggle to implement the recommended changes while maintaining quality…

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Employee Training Module: Schedule and Document Environmental Services Training

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How does the Employee Training Module work? ES Optimizer’s Employee Training Module has over 30 prepopulated training modules. These are pre-set training classes that can be customized to your facility’s needs. Using the Employee Training Module, managers can schedule training and monitor results and test scores on an ongoing basis….

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Three Technology Advancements Using Hospital Facility Data

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New Ways to Find EVS Efficiencies In today’s hospitals, environmental services departments need to make data-backed decisions. This demand puts them at pivotal point — to find and adopt technological advancements to capture and harness the power of facility data. Medical facilities and EVS managers who embrace new technologies have…

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Create and Conduct Quality Inspections from your ES Optimizer Database of Rooms

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ES Optimizer’s Quality Management module revolutionizes routine Quality Inspections so you can refine your current EVS processes and continually improve your department.  Once a room is selected for survey, your inspection list is automatically populated with the cleaning steps for that room. You can monitor quality step-by-step and get a…

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