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Environmental Services Week

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It’s Environmental Services Week 2019! To celebrate, we asked environmental services departments: How do you have fun with your EVS department? What’s the best part of your workday? How do you take pride in your work? Visit us on Facebook or LinkedIn and share your EVS department’s photos and stories…

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Three Technology Advancements Using Hospital Facility Data

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New Ways to Find EVS Efficiencies In today’s hospitals, environmental services departments need to make data-backed decisions. This demand puts them at pivotal point — to find and adopt technological advancements to capture and harness the power of facility data. Medical facilities and EVS managers who embrace new technologies have…

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“All I want for Christmas”….an EVS worker’s 5 wishes for the holidays

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All I want for Christmas is “your voice at the administrative table” ….to ask for change when other hospital staff treat us in ways that sometimes feels disrespectful and maybe even demeaning. Those changes might include cleaning up after their spills, actually placing waste in waste receptacles, pouring leftover drinks down the drain instead of dumping liquids in trash cans, and picking up dropped items from the floor just as they would do in their own homes. Could we also do a demo discharge cleaning for nursing staff so they better understand why we can’t complete a discharge in ten minutes...
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BedTracking & ES Optimizer Launched Integration Improvements at the AHE Exchange 2015

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With healthcare reforms and industry changes, facility management technology must follow suit in order for healthcare facilities to remain efficient, cost-effective and beneficial to patients and staff alike. Today,hospital CFO’s are focusing on increasing patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes by improving inefficiencies and seeking out strategic partnerships to help them…

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Staffing Analysis Software Brings Accuracy to ES Planning for New Construction

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ES Optimizer is instrumental in bringing new facilities on-line in Environmental Services Departments with powerful work loading capabilities. The software’s staffing analysis modules give new facilities the ability to right staff new space easily by automatically applying time-tested standards to all new cleanable space. Managers can configure the daily and project work assignments for…

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