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From use of chemicals, to staffing levels and capital equipment decisions, you can get answers immediately.


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Over 950 hospitals and other healthcare facilities use ES Optimizer

Data Loading, Data Entry & Staffing Report

Occurs on-site with off-site support

Data Loading

Our data specialists use advanced technology to survey and log all of the cleanable spaces in your facility. By surveying each individual room, you will obtain a total cleaning picture of your facility, which will serve as the foundation for ES Optimizer functions going forward. We use laser measuring devices, workable floor plans, laptop computers and our professional expertise to get the job done quickly and accurately.

As we log your cleanable space, we categorize each and every room to collect the following information:

  •        Room Description
  •        Days/Week Coverage
  •        Daily Cleaning Requirements
  •        Project Cleaning Requirements
  •        Room Size
  •        Cleaning Time Adjustments for Special Items
  •        Floor Surface

Data Entry

We then enter the data into a working database to a very strict specification. We do not know any other company that has developed their survey to the extent we have. Once this process is complete the benefits of having this vital information can be used for years to come. You will also be able to accurately determine and justify the labor resources needed to meet the changing service needs of your dynamic organization.

Data migration options may also be available.

Staffing Report

Occurs off-site with on-site presentation possible

Our company has analyzed hundreds of hospitals to make sure they are optimizing labor resources.  We catalogue every cleanable square foot or your facility and apply our time-tested work standards. We then determine all the non-cleaning service items you are currently providing your customers and tie everything together into an easy-to-understand report.

We offer reasonable alternatives that provide a cost-effective EVS solution. Specifically, we provide these enclosures into a professionally bound report:

  •       Staffing Requirements – This report captures all the staffing requirements and displays them on a summary sheet. It also details labor requirements for optimal staffing levels that match the needs of your facility.
  •       Time Summary Reports for Housekeeper I, II, III, Policing – These reports provide the necessary data to put together the Staffing Requirements report.
  •       Global Reports for Cleaning Breakdown, Room Types, Area and Square Foot Summary – These reports give breakdowns of the global cleaning requirements of the facility.
  •       Standards Reports for Daily, Periodic, Cleaning Steps and Code Associations – These reports detail the cleaning standards for the facility.
  •       Room List Report – A detailed listing of all the rooms in the facility including the size, square footage and time allocations of each individual room in your facility.

On-Site Product Training

Our software support specialists introduce your management team to the knowledge base contained within our software tools. They also learn how to implement the program successfully using our carefully constructed plan. We have found the training to be a vital component in implementing any software application. Keep in mind that you are purchasing a management system, not just a software package.

Upon completion of this hands-on training your staff will have gained the competence to rebuild employee work assignments, schedule project work, run quality inspections, and use all the other powerful tools within the software. This training is also performed by one of our industry experts, which adds an enormous dimension and benefit to the training process. The training is performed at your facility in a computer training room, so no travel is necessary for your staff. We cover these topics in the training:

  •        Performing a physical survey of your facility and correctly entering the data into the working database.
  •        Building staffing requirements for your individual facility, including any potential cost savings and service enhancements.
  •        Development of daily work assignments, ordering routes, defining cleaning steps into an easy-to-understand format for your employees.
  •        Use of Census Based Scheduling so you can more precisely assign discharge quotas based on today’s activity.
  •        Setup and use of the Quality Management System, building inspections, logging inspections and viewing reports. Setup of the Apple Hand-Held Devices, synchronizing and conducting inspections via Web-Based Technology.
  •        Setup of Personnel template and corresponding monthly employee calendar and attendance tracking.
  •        Setup of Annual Employee Training plan, logging training and viewing employee training logs.

Program Building

Primarily occurs on-site

Our expertise is leveraged to build ES Optimizer from the ground up. We all know busy schedules place demand on the Environmental Services management team not necessarily allowing time for redesign.

We can lend the necessary support in getting your program built and off the ground. We deliver professional consulting knowledge on a wide range of operational issues.  The primary task will be setup and implementation of all daily work assignments, ordering routes, defining cleaning steps into an easy-to-understand format for your employees. We work one on one with the Environmental Services Management Team to ensure incorporation of unique design details when these assignments are built.