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Employee Training Module: Schedule and Document Environmental Services Training

How does the Employee Training Module work?

ES Optimizer’s Employee Training Module has over 30 prepopulated training modules. These are pre-set training classes that can be customized to your facility’s needs.

Using the Employee Training Module, managers can schedule training and monitor results and test scores on an ongoing basis. By pulling sign-in sheets from the module, training attendance can be tracked over months, years, or throughout an employee’s tenure. With this information only a few clicks away instead of filed in a drawer, reporting to the Joint Commission is easier than ever. Using Quality Inspections, EVS managers can identify employees whose performance could benefit with additional instruction. 

The Employee Training Module also includes a calendar view that enables managers to see the big picture, letting them oversee when training classes are taking place throughout the month and total number of employees that have completed them.

Each class included in the Employee Training Module is designed to be interactive, comprehensive, and led by an instructor. We encourage environmental services departments to take the courses we’ve designed and make them yours. EVS departments can even use the module to design custom classes and access all the same tracking components.

What kinds of classes are included in the Employee Training Module?

The module includes classes covering these topics and more:

  • Body mechanics
  • Blood-borne pathogens
  • Carpet spotting
  • Floor care
  • Chemical safety
  • Discharge cleaning
  • General safety
  • Hand hygiene
  • Hazardous waste handling
  • Surgery terminal cleaning
  • Washing/upholstery cleaning
  • Window washing

What information is documented in the Employee Training Module?

The information tracked and reported by the training module includes:

  • A calendar showing what classes are scheduled and when
  • Outlines for classes
  • Training records for individual employees (including training required, training completed, and training not completed)
  • Tests and scores
  • Attendance and absences by class or by month
  • Sign-in sheets

Watch these videos to create, schedule, and document employee training classes:

How to Add a Class in Employee Training

How to Schedule an Employee Training Class

How to Complete an Employee Training Class

How to Print Employee Training Class Materials

How to Use the Employee Training Log

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