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ES Optimizer Mobile App Adds ATP Testing Survey Templates in Latest Update

Smart Facility Software is happy to announce the release of ES Optimizer Mobile 4.1. This is a huge release with lots of new features making the app more efficient, faster and with more capabilities.

Survey Optimizer Module

  • Survey Template for ATP Testing (Adenosine Triphosphate Testing)ATP Testing Template
  • 30% faster sync time
  • Easier navigation for starting surveys
  • Easier to Navigate the Survey
    • Score questions Individually
    • Answer individual questions with Comments and photos
    • Drop down to assign score
    • Auto Fill a Grade for questions left blank.
  • Improved scoring for Black Light Surveys
  • Color-Coded Scores highlight “Pass” vs “Fail”
  • See passing rate statistics for each conducted survey in “View Surveys”
  • Longer Retention time of Completed Surveys on Device (48 hours)
  • Fault Management – Improved workflow for emailing and clearing faults
  • User Status – Now shows statistics such as completed surveys, open faults, etc.

Quality Management Module

  • 30% faster sync time
  • User Status – Now shows statistics such as completed surveys, open faults, etc.
  • Fault Management – Improved Fault Management workflow

ES Optimizer Mobile 4.1 is now available on the APP Store and ready for your device. IF you are a current ES Optimizer user, simply sync your apps back to ES Optimizer, go to the App Store, download and install the update.

Smart Facility Software is always investing in our tools to bring you the latest in technology and features. It is this commitment that insures your investment keeps up with the latest technology and cleaning standards. As part of your ES Optimizer Mobile license, ES Optimizer Mobile improvements and upgrades are free and available to our customers at no cost.

Want to become an ES Optimizer and Survey Optimizer user? Call 800-260-8665.

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