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Exciting Updates in Our Mobile App: ES Optimizer Mobile

We are constantly updating our software to fit our users’ needs.  We are in the field with you, taking your requests. We put those into action as often as we can, sometimes overnight, to make our applications work for you.

From time to time, we have really big news – some big changes to get excited about.  Today, in our new release of ES Optimizer Mobile, we have over 20 user experience enhancements, bug fixes, and new capabilities to make your life easier. These are the four most exciting updates to look forward to:

Employee Training in ES Optimizer Mobile:

Now you can manage employee training from your mobile device as well as the web!

When you update the ES Optimizer Mobile app on your Apple device, you will see a new menu option – “Employee Training”.

After clicking on Employee Training on the main menu, you will be able to:

  • Schedule a Class
  • Take Attendance
  • Add Grades

Employees can even sign their name on the mobile device.

Everything entered on the mobile app will synchronize with the database and be accessible in the web application of ES Optimizer.

QA Inspections:

Add Rooms to an Inspection even when the Inspection has already been completed.

This is for users conducting QA inspections in the field using ES Optimizer Mobile. New rooms can now be added to an existing inspection that has already been completed.

Previously, a completed inspection meant the data was synced with the web and no more rooms could be added. Users had to create a new inspection on a different date. This is no longer needed.

You will now be able to tap the Add button to add rooms to a completed inspection. Once you do, the inspection will return to the incomplete status until these rooms are also inspected. The information for the corresponding survey in the database and on the website will also reflect these changes.

Once you click the “Add Rooms” button, just choose today’s date for it to be added to today’s inspection.

Survey Optimizer:

Create Surveys that allow free text responses

Until now, surveys built with Survey Optimizer only allowed scoring options that had to be predefined – such as Pass/Fail or 1 through 5. Those conducting a survey had to score it by choosing between scores presented in a dropdown.

Now, in addition to predefined scores, Survey Optimizer lets you ask open-ended questions and type in the respondents’ unique answers with free text.  

When building a survey template, choose the new template type called “Interview Template”. When conducting the survey, you will click the “Answer” button to type in the answer.

Faster Syncing:

Data Between the Web Application and Mobile App will now be faster.

As you are collecting data on your mobile device and pulling data from your ES Optimizer database, speed is of the essence. Because there are large amounts of data being passed back and forth, it can take some time to sync.

We have now moved to a new technology that greatly improves our syncing process and decreases the wait when you sync data in ES Optimizer Mobile.

Update your ES Optimizer Mobile App to take advantage of these and other updates.

As always, reach out to us for help with any feature in our software platforms. We are happy to help in any way we can.

Tech Support – 800-260-8665, ext. 2

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