Key Features: Staffing, Work Assignments, Quality Assurance

Improve your Environmental Services performance with Smart Facility Software.


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Over 950 hospitals and other healthcare facilities use ES Optimizer

Key Features of ES Optimizer Environmental Services Software

Contain ES Department Costs
  • Budget with concise staffing models
  • Respond flexibly to budgetary changes
Establish Standards & Procedures
  • Standardize and document cleaning tasks
  • Track employee training — requirements and compliance
Manage Work Assignments
  • Determine right staffing levels and schedule personnel
  • Support productivity and morale with balanced work
Track and Report
  • Strengthen quality assurance
  • Streamline communication for teamwork
  • Manage reporting with ease

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Budget with Concise Staffing Models
How can I best budget for cleaning my facility? What are the key variables that impact my staffing?
Once your specific cleaning requirements are catalogued, ES Optimizer allows you to develop a concise staffing model. You’ll get reports tailored to your department that enable a precise budget for labor and all associated costs. Our environmental services software takes into account every variable that affects your staffing and ensures excellent service for your customers.

Respond Flexibly to Budgetary Changes
What actions might I take if forced to reduce my budget? Are there service reductions we can live with?
Company resources are never static. The needs of your customers change constantly, and you must be ready to respond. ES Optimizer allows you to stay flexible. Built-in “What If” scenarios enable you to quickly assess a variety of service options. You can easily demonstrate the service implications of any proposed cost reduction.

Environmental services staff - project cleaning

Standardize and Document Cleaning Tasks
How can I determine the time needed to clean a room or area? What standards are ideal to maintain the cleanliness of my facility?
Standards begin with a physical inventory to document each cleaning requirement. The process is as big as your facility itself—and no less important. It looks at every square foot. ES Optimizer uses the documentation to standardize every cleaning task. You can see daily and project standards for precise cleaning times of any area.

Track Employee Training — Requirements and Compliance
How can I keep track of all the training requirements of my employees?
As you know, employee training and development is essential to the success and long-term health of your environmental services department. But it requires expertise and a workable plan. ES Optimizer lets you establish a training program and track employee progress. It answers an essential regulatory requirement while helping you ensure the knowledge and skills your organization needs.

Meet your Infection Control Standards - Make the Floors Shine

Determine Exact ES Staffing Levels and Schedule Personnel
How can I make sure all assignments are covered consistently? How can I more easily cover unexpected absences?
Unexpected absences are a problem for any service department. Fortunately, they can be managed. ES Optimizer lets you set up a template to make scheduling easy. You’ll have a system in place to cover sudden absences. And you’ll reduce the time it takes to maintain this key component of your operation.

Increase Productivity and Morale with Balanced Work Assignments
How do I make work assignments fair and equitable? How do I know how much work to allocate to each employee?
Equitable work assignments are essential to employee productivity and morale. With the right balance, you can save money and keep employees motivated. Without a good balance, employees can become disgruntled and performance suffers. When employees feel they are treated fairly, everyone benefits. ES Optimizer makes it simple.

Improve Maintenance and Project Work with Proactive Scheduling
How can I make sure project-based cleaning is performed consistently? How can I tell my customers what is planned in their areas?
If the floors don’t shine, or the carpets aren’t clean, or the restrooms don’t sparkle, people will see your facility as dirty. ES Optimizer organizes project cleaning and keeps you on top of it. You’ll avoid customer dissatisfaction and project cleaning by “crisis management.” You’ll also support your employees with a clear plan for keeping up with periodic duties. When your employees can concentrate on the job at hand, they are less frustrated and more productive.

Project Cleaning & Equitable Work Assignments

Strengthen Quality Assurance
How do I know if areas are really clean? Is there an objective means for quality improvement?
Quality management is the cornerstone of consistent cleanliness and infection control. It is a team endeavor—more so than any other aspect of an environmental services department. It involves employees, supervisors, managers, and administrators. And it considers every square inch of the facility. ES Optimizer facility management software samples rooms and compiles the findings to give you an accurate picture of your quality performance. Quality Management is made easy with a ES Optimizer Mobile.

Sync ES Optimizer data with your mobile device
The Quality Management module comes standard with ES Optimizer. You are able to use the module on mobile devices (with ES Optimizer Mobile) to perform quality inspections, and sync the data back to ES Optimizer. Learn more by viewing
We’re Mobile.If you also add the Survey Optimizer module to your software, you can build any survey you wish, including Joint Commission Compliance surveys. Learn more by viewing Survey Optimizer.The Survey Optimizer module also allows users to perform quality inspections with mobile devices, and sync the data back to your Survey Optimizer database. Learn more by viewing We’re Mobile.

Streamline Communication for Teamwork
How can I make sure all my ES managers have the information they need to do their jobs? How can I prevent unwanted access to information?
With ES Optimizer, you’ll make sure the people who need information have it. Changes to data are immediate, and you decide whether to make them transparent or hidden. In other words, you permit access only to those you choose. Your managers will function as a team much more effectively by using the same software. And they will find it easy to generate the reports they need to support their cooperation.

Manage Reporting with Ease
How can I reduce the time to prepare monthly reports? Is there an easy way to get the data into my favorite Microsoft Office applications?
ES Optimizer takes all the work out of reporting. The data can be rolled up into a targeted, concise report in “no time flat.” Most of the functions within ES Optimizer give you the option to export data to a PDF or MS Excel file.

Track & Report easily with ES Software