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New Feature for Simply Documenting Project Work

Smart Facility Software is announcing a new simplified means of documenting your completed project work. In previous versions, ES Optimizer required you to schedule your projects, and then update the status of your projects as they were completed. However, if all you wanted to do is document your project work the scheduling requirement added unnecessary steps to the process.

In our latest release, Smart Facility Software is announcing our new “Project Documenting Process,” making the operation of documenting the project work much easier. The prime candidate for this feature is the Environmental Services manager that wants to enter the completed project work in ES Optimizer rather than scheduling or creating work orders. This allows you to document and report on the completed project work in fewer steps, saving you time.

To document your project work, please follow these simple steps:
1.) Open “Project Assignments” Module in ES Optimizer in the “Manage Department” tab.

ES Optimizer Manage Department Tab

2.) Select the “Open” projects view as shown in figure 1.

3.) Select the projects you want to flag as completed shown in figure 2

Note: You may need to “Search Projects” to find the projects or rooms that you have completed.


4.) Select the “Complete Tasks” button shown in figure 3 above. This will reveal the “Clear Tasks” form.


5.) Select the employee that completed the project tasks shown in Figure 4 above.

Note: You may want to search tasks completed by an employee since this form is employee specific.

6.) OPTIONALLY: You may score your projects, Pass/Fail. The default for all the tasks is “Pass”. If any task fails your inspection you may change the flag to “Fail”.

7.) Click “Save” to update the projects as “Completed”.
Note: The “Completed On” date can be changed from the default “Current Date” to your specific date.
Note: You may create a work order if desired for future reference or reoccurring scheduling.