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The Proper Tools Make the Job Right

Our HVAC Technicians…

The HVAC technician came by the office the other day to do some routine system maintenance. He’s fast, he’s efficient. He wears a tool belt, it’s hardly noticeable. But when he needs something— a wrench, or a wire stripper, or a nut driver—bingo! It’s in his hand almost before you can say “energy efficiency.”

Medical staff using smart facility software.The ES Optimizer…

It occurred to me that our ES Optimizer is very much like that tech’s tool belt. Inconspicuous, out of the way, but when you need something—it’s right there at your fingertips. Here are a few of the extra tools it’s nice to have on hand.

As you may know, ES Optimizer is the SAAS (software as a service) that lets you bring greater efficiency to your ES department. With the Teletracking tool integrated into the software, you can gain new efficiency in aligning work assignments more closely with the patient turnover.

Here’s how it works. Teletracking sends data to ES Optimizer on the current census. ES Optimizer uses this information to calculate the discharged cleaning needed for that day along with routine cleaning requirements. Then, ES Optimizer sends back a quota for each employee. Teletracking notifies employees of the quotas and updates ES Optimizer when quotas are met. It’s a real-time solution for allocating workload quickly and equitably among your staff to get the best possible productivity.

Hospital administration loves this because it reduces the delay in getting beds available for new patients, which ultimately improves the overall patient experience for the hospital.

Another great tool for ES Optimizer, available as an upgrade with the Quality Management Module, is Survey Optimizer. Here’s how it works.

Survey Optimizer comes with a library of 30 survey templates you can choose from—or it lets you create your own. Many users find it an ideal means for building surveys to gauge HCAHPS patient satisfaction, black light cleaning inspections, or Joint Commission compliance. There’s a lot of flexibility to customize.

You can install the mobile app on your Apple device and conduct surveys on the go—especially helpful for busy facility and ES managers who are responsible for rounds. What’s more, over 40 customizable reports are available. Just push the button to generate one. The survey is so simple to use that virtually anyone can be up and running with it in short order.

The right tools make the job right. Make it easy on yourself with the extra tools available with ES Optimizer by Smart Facility Software.

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