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Using ES Optimizer for Performance Improvement Planning

Environmental Services performance improvement planning software

As an EVS Director, you are likely tasked with developing performance improvement plans for your department on an annual basis. An initiative could be decreasing the amount of regular waste in hazardous waste containers. Or, it could be improving turnaround time in patient rooms—for instance, all discharge rooms will be cleaned in under 45 minutes. Or plan—how to notify staff discharge is ready, how to set up cart to make sure tools are how they should be.

For any initiative, performance improvement entails:

  1. Determining baseline performance metrics
  2. Setting goals for improvement
  3. Developing new procedures to meet the goals
  4. Monitoring those metrics throughout the year and adjust procedures accordingly

As an ES Optimizer user, you have powerful tools in your hands to manage this process. Here’s how:

How to Measure Specific Initiatives

Improved Work Assignment Performance

ES Optimizer’s Quality Management Module allows you to measure for cleaning performance based on cleaning steps in your current work assignments. You can see a baseline of performance by person, location, or time frame.

You can set a variety of improvement goals including:

  • Simply raising number of surveys conducted over a period of time
  • Improving QA inspection scores

Enhance Productivity

If your goal is to improve productivity, it can be monitored for each census-based assignment under the Census-Based Scheduling tab. When you have a lower than average census, you can ensure that you’re using technicians’ available time in the most efficient way possible by assigning discharge cleanings and other duties.

Improve Assignment Completion Rates in Real-Time

Service Optimizer allows you to monitor the completion rate of assignments and patient room cleans over a period of time, as well as cleaning compliance, ensuring that set standards are being met. Since Service Optimizer gives you the ability to review this data in real-time, managers can problem solve and make staffing adjustments to head off issues as they’re occurring, instead of after a report has been pulled at the end of the week or month.

Develop New Procedures to Meet the Goals

Your software can support new procedures by scheduling training and building new tasks into the Work Assignments. Using ES Optimizer’s Training Module will allow you to schedule training and track attendance and test scores over time. In the SPC Codes under Preferences, you can easily modify Cleaning steps and they’ll be applied to all work assignments.

Monitor Results for Any Initiative

Reporting—In any module of the software, you can run reports to retrieve the baseline metrics and track progress over time.

For initiatives specifically involving cleaning quality, see reports available in the quality management module.

For all initiatives requiring a site survey (including cleaning quality), use Survey Optimizer to collect and report on the data. With Survey Optimizer, you can build any survey for what you want to measure. There are default surveys included, like patient room QA. But, you have complete flexibility to gather any metric. This could include:

  • Black light surveys
  • ATP surveys
  • Infection Prevention surveys
  • Anything you want to measure or monitor

We’d like to support you in developing your Performance Improvement Plans. Please reach out to us if you have any other questions about how to gather data and incorporate change into your program.

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