Mobile scheduling and reporting for managers, technicians, even customers.

Assign tasks and receive updates on the go.

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Mobile Customer Service Requests.

Any customer can let you know about needed service – quickly and easily.

Service Optimizer: Just one step for an instant environmental services department overhaul. Watch this video to learn how it works.

Game changer: Mobile customer support.

Post QR code signage in rooms that are frequently visited. You can customize by room type, the types of requests, or issues to report. QR code reader apps on any smart device may be used to submit cleaning or service requests.

Once the QR code scan is done and the request is made, the task is queued into Service Optimizer immediately and assigned to Management so it can be assigned to a Tech for service, tracked, and documented.

Scan this QR code with your mobile device for a live demonstration.

Mobile Apps that Work Together.

Tools for a better ES Department.

Managers can add and update assignments while ES Technicians are out on the floor. Progress documented by employees syncs with ES Optimizer’s Task Management Software, creating detailed reports that can be accessed by Managers at the click of a button.

All Smart Facility Software apps work when the user is in a “dead spot.” Apps for Service Optimizer are resident apps (not web pages) and automatically sync when the app user moves out of a dead spot with updates to messages, task status, history views, reports, and dashboards.