Survey Optimizer Is Mobile.

Instantly record survey data in the field.


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Survey Optimizer Mobile is easy.

Even supervisors who have never touched a mobile device will be up and running in a few minutes with the Survey Optimizer Mobile app. Simply download Survey Optimizer Mobile from the Apple App Store and synchronize with your Survey Optimizer database. Say goodbye to tiresome handwritten forms.

Plus, when you are an ES Optimizer or a CS Optimizer subscriber, Survey Optimizer can pull facility and room data already from those databases.

  • Perform cleaning inspections using Apple mobile devices (iOS). No tablet experience is needed.
  • No real-time internet connection required out on the floors.
  • Mobile devices sync back to the same database used on the desktop version of the software, including ES Optimizer or CS Optimizer—no secondary PC data entry is required.
  • When part of an inspection fails during a survey, comment by selecting pre-loaded customized comments or enter as free text.
  • Access over 30 customizable reports at the push of a button

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