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EVS Software Case Study: Woman’s Hospital – Baton Rouge

By December 7, 2018Hospital Case Studies

ES Optimizer Takes Woman’s Hospital – Baton Rouge’s ES Department from Guessing to Knowing

The average hospital environmental services department is responsible for the cleaning and sterilization of hundreds of thousands of square feet daily. This space includes not only patient rooms and operating rooms, but stairways, waiting rooms, hallways, and elevators as well. Determining the number of ES techs needed to accomplish this, and knowing every square inch of the hospital is clean, are challenges facing most EVS departments. In the case of Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, this balance was achieved with the implementation of ES Optimizer, a web-based environmental services software.


Johnathan Landor has been the Director of Environmental Services at Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge since 2014. With the largest NICU in the U.S. and more than 8,000 babies born each year, his greatest challenge was knowing the full scale of what needed to be done and how many FTEs were required to do it. Before the introduction of ES Optimizer, even with the use of sophisticated spreadsheets, calculating this number was left largely to guesswork.

The opening of a new three-floor breast and GYN cancer pavilion and the hiring of a new facility manager presented the perfect opportunity to introduce a new system for optimizing labor, streamlining scheduling, and improving employee engagement.


After an online demonstration of ES Optimizer’s capabilities, Landor quickly decided it was time to adapt the ES management software. Experienced ES Consultants from Smart Facility Software (SFS) arrived to survey the hospital on site and build a database of every cleanable space in the facility. Building this database was accomplished in only two weeks by the SFS team, a task that Landor said would normally take up to four months using spreadsheets.

As well as mapping out the hospital’s cleaning areas in precise detail, ES Optimizer allowed Landor to:

  • Determine optimal staffing levels and schedule personnel.
  • Support employee morale through balanced work assignments.
  • Keep track of employee training requirements and compliance.
  • Document tasks and create reports quickly and easily.
  • Conduct regular quality inspections on mobile devices.
  • The depth of information compiled by ES Optimizer allowed Landor to paint a full picture of the department’s needs and fill in the gaps.


ES Optimizer uncovered three extra full-time employees.

They actually found they had three extra FTEs, which were used to staff a new building.

Cost Savings and Efficiency

Right from the beginning, Landor’s department experienced cost savings. Before, determining the number of Full-Time Employees (FTEs) needed was mostly left up to past experience and guesswork. The clear picture provided by ES Optimizer’s staffing models demonstrated exactly how many employees were needed to maintain cleaning quality. They actually found they had three extra FTEs. This allowed him to fully staff the new cancer pavilion without increasing technicians’ workloads or adding any new FTEs.

Employees are More Engaged

As with any systematic change, there was a short period of adjustment and employee pushback, but Landor noted that his employees quickly grew to like their new schedules and find more meaning in their work. The previously overworked NICU team appreciated their more manageable workload, which was accomplished by reallocating staff from less productive assignments to more productive areas using ES Optimizer’s fair, balanced work assignments.

“Everybody knows what they are supposed to do.” – Johnathan Landor

Work schedules became more structured and began to “tell a story” of a day at the Woman’s Hospital, with minimal surprises or uncertainty. The hospital, as a result, is noticeably cleaner, with even lower priority area cleans receiving more attention. “Everybody knows what they are supposed to be doing,” says Landor. He has also noticed improved satisfaction and engagement in supervisors and managers.

The recently hired Operations Manager, who was new to environmental services, immediately adapted to ES Optimizer. He said it helped him learn his job due to the structure it provided and made it easy for him to schedule project work.

“Before we were just using past experience. Now we know.” – Johnathan Landor

Director Saves Time and is Better Equipped to Influence Administration

Replacing spreadsheets with ES Optimizer’s reporting tools has significantly reduced the amount of time spent preparing for meetings by putting project schedules at his fingertips. The data generated by ES Optimizer makes it easy for him to highlight the contributions of the ES department and communicate, in hard numbers, the department’s specific needs. “It brings so much structure when we’re under pressure from a labor standpoint,” says Landor, “or when we’re asked to do new things.” ES Optimizer’s training module records have significantly cut the amount of time required to assemble reporting for the Joint Commission.

“My hospital is cleaner. My employees are happier.”

Landor believes that this increased satisfaction and productivity was instrumental to the Woman’s Hospital ES department receiving an Honorable Mention for the AHE 2018 Environmental Services Department of the Year Award. He considers implementing ES Optimizer to be one of his crowning achievements in his four years at the hospital.

After only a six-month period of using ES Optimizer, Woman’s Hospital has dramatically improved the efficiency and job satisfaction of its ES department and made the facility cleaner. Landor plans to add to this success by adding ES Service Optimizer and improving the ability of managers to communicate with ES techs in real time over mobile devices.


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Download and print a PDF of this case study: Woman's Hospital Baton Rouge Case Study PDF

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