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EVS Software Case Study: Woman’s Hospital – Baton Rouge

By December 7, 2018Hospital Case Studies
ES Optimizer uncovered three extra full-time employees.

ES Optimizer’s staffing models showed that Landor had three extra Full-Time Employees (FTEs), allowing him to staff a new building.

ES Optimizer Takes Woman’s Hospital – Baton Rouge’s ES Department from Guessing to Knowing

Johnathan Landor, Director of Environmental Services at Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, decided to use ES Optimizer for his department after an online demonstration. After witnessing how ES Optimizer improved his employees’ satisfaction and productivity, he considers adopting the software to be one of his greatest achievements in his four years at Woman’s Hospital.

Landor’s department experienced cost savings from using ES Optimizer’s staffing models, which allowed him to shift staff to the most productive assignments in his facility. His employees benefited with more fair and balanced work assignments, becoming more satisfied and motivated at work. The structured schedules began to “tell a story” of a day at the Woman’s Hospital, eliminating uncertainty about what needed to be done.

Read the Woman’s Hospital – Baton Rouge case study below to find out how ES Optimizer can take your department from guessing to knowing.

Woman's Hospital Baton Rouge Case Study PDF

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