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ES Optimizer. Accurate EVS Staffing and More.

Calculating FTEs based on your standards, budgets, and goals.

Hun­dreds of health­care insti­tu­tions rely on ES Opti­miz­er. It is the industry’s most trust­ed hos­pi­tal house­keep­ing soft­ware that lets you plan smart­ly, get­ting the most from your bud­get and the best from your peo­ple.

  • Staffing

    Data­base of Facil­i­ty Data

    Database of Facility Data

    • At its core, ES Opti­miz­er is a data­base orga­niz­ing an inven­to­ry of all your clean­able space.
    • Rooms are orga­nized by build­ings, floors, areas, and assigned tasks and clean­ing fre­quen­cies.
    • Vital clean­ing met­rics are assigned to each room: room type, square footage/units, floor sur­face and clean­ing steps.
    • Clean­ing times and task fre­quen­cies for each room are eas­i­ly viewed and adjust­ed.
    • Over 90 health­care room type clean­ing stan­dards devel­oped over the last 30 years.


    Staffing Analy­sis & Reports

    Staffing Analysis & Report

    • Jus­ti­fy staffing requests with detailed, data-dri­ven reports.
    • Cre­ate unlim­it­ed Staffing Analy­ses based on com­plete, accu­rate facil­i­ty data.
    • Run, ana­lyze and imple­ment “What If?” sce­nar­ios to eval­u­ate pro­posed changes to your clean­ing pro­gram, such as bud­get restric­tions or addi­tion­al require­ments on the EVS team.


  • Assignments & Scheduling

    Dai­ly Assign­ments

    Daily Assignments

    • The soft­ware cal­cu­lates clean­ing time in each assign­ment as you build it.
    • Mul­ti­ple fil­ter­ing capa­bil­i­ties to find rooms/tasks to add to work assignments—filter tasks by fre­quen­cy, room type and loca­tion.
    • Insert notes with time adjust­ments.
    • Drag and drop rooms to put clean­ing sequences in order.
    • Auto­mat­ic inser­tion of breaks based on clean­ing-time totals.
    • Choose from dif­fer­ent work assign­ment for­mats for employ­ees and man­agers.
    • Com­bine assign­ments to build short staff assign­ments when absen­teeism cre­ates staffing chal­lenges.


    Cen­sus-Based Sched­ul­ing

    Census-Based Scheduling

    • Get a snap­shot of patient room assign­ment work­loads at the start of each day.
    • Retrieve and import vital bed infor­ma­tion from your ADT sys­tem.
    • Eas­i­ly set dis­charge quo­tas for each work assign­ment based on the day’s cen­sus.
    • Ana­lyze dai­ly pro­duc­tiv­i­ty results.
    • Enter projects and flex-time data to cre­ate accu­rate pro­duc­tiv­i­ty reports.


    Project Work

    Project Work

    • Make a sol­id plan for project work.
    • Cre­ate project assign­ments and work orders with a few clicks.
    • Track sched­uled projects ver­sus com­plet­ed.
    • Know when projects are com­plet­ed.
    • Choose from default project fre­quen­cies or cus­tomize your own.
    • View sched­uled project work on a dai­ly cal­en­dar.
    • Cre­ate reports.


    Days On/Days Off Sched­ul­ing

    Days On/Days Off Scheduling

    • Build a cus­tom mas­ter tem­plate from your work assign­ments.
    • Drop-down menus show dai­ly avail­abil­i­ty from one week to ten weeks out.
    • Apply the mas­ter tem­plate across cal­en­dar dates with one click.
    • Sched­ule PTO while see­ing the holes in the ros­ter.
    • Print dai­ly sign-in sheets and post sched­ules by employ­ee and assign­ment.
    • Run atten­dance reports with spe­cif­ic PTO data by employ­ee.


  • Training & QA

    Employ­ee Train­ing

    Employee Training

    • Sched­ule, doc­u­ment and man­age employ­ee train­ing.
    • Cre­ate your own in-ser­vices or choose from over 50 stan­dard­ized class­es.
    • Sched­ule in advance and print accu­rate sign-in sheets.
    • Doc­u­ment atten­dance and test scores.
    • View and print indi­vid­ual train­ing records.
    • Report on com­plet­ed class­es, atten­dance and scores.


    Mobile Train­ing Man­age­ment

    Mobile Training Management

    • Sched­ule train­ing on the mobile app.
    • Doc­u­ment atten­dance and scores on the mobile app.
    • Mobile app accepts for employ­ee sig­na­tures.


    Mobile QA Inspec­tions

    Mobile QA Inspections

    • Cre­ate inspec­tions based on dai­ly assign­ments.
    • Cus­tomize the scor­ing sys­tem.
    • Con­duct clean­ing inspec­tions in the field with our mobile app.
    • No real-time inter­net con­nec­tion required for data col­lec­tion.
    • Data syncs over the cloud to the ES Opti­miz­er database—no sec­ondary process­es or data entry need­ed.
    • Abil­i­ty to attach pic­tures and com­ments to each inspec­tion step.
    • Access over 40 cus­tomiz­able reports.


  • Dashboards & Reporting



    • Cus­tomize your own dash­board to view any data in your data­base:
    • Choose data points and graph types
      • Pre-Built Dash­boards that include:
      • Depart­ment Man­age­ment Sta­tis­tics, includ­ing: room inven­to­ry stats, clean­ing times, employees/shift, project work com­plet­ed, QA inspec­tions
      • Real-Time Progress Met­rics, includ­ing: per­cent­age of patient beds cleaned, total rooms cleaned by employ­ee, total tasks com­plet­ed by employ­ee, restroom com­ments (ie. paper prod­ucts out), duty com­ple­tion rate for the day
      • Sur­vey Usage: num­ber of sur­veys com­plet­ed, Top 5 tem­plates used
      • Sur­vey Per­for­mance pass­ing rates vs. fail­ing rates by sur­vey, aver­age score, num­ber of faults — gen­er­at­ed vs. resolved




    Over 200 Built-in reports avail­able on the data ele­ments in the sys­tem. Some exam­ples include:

    • Report on Room Inven­to­ry in mul­ti­ple ways
    • Clean­ing Data
    • Employ­ee Train­ing Reports.
    • Export Dai­ly Work Assign­ments
    • Pro­duc­tiv­i­ty Report­ing
    • Project Work Orders
    • Clean­ing Com­pli­ance
    • Clean­ing His­to­ry & Polic­ing His­to­ry by Date and Time

    Sur­vey Results reports ready as soon as a sur­vey is com­plet­ed.

    • Export Reports to PDF, Excel, CSV, RTF, XML or Word. Print, Export or Email Reports
    • Request Cus­tom Reports


  • Enterprise

    Sys­temwide Dash­board & Con­trol Pan­el (Insight Pan­el)
    Enter­prise Pric­ing
    Make Any Pack­age Enter­prise!
  • Support

    Live Tech Sup­port
    Des­ig­nat­ed EVS Con­sul­tant.

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Get the most from your EVS budget

We'll equip you to get the most from your budget, the best from your people, and heightened satisfaction among patients and customers.

Develop Accurate Staffing Models

The ES Opti­miz­er staffing method­ol­o­gy includes room inven­to­ry tech­nol­o­gy, along with all the real-world vari­ables (lock-ins, patient turnover acu­ity, waste removal, etc.) to cal­cu­late the cor­rect num­ber of EVS staff required.

Establish Standards & Procedures

When work is stan­dard­ized and doc­u­ment­ed in an easy-to-man­age for­mat, you can com­mu­ni­cate your expec­ta­tions, be cer­tain your team knows what to do, and mea­sure progress. ES Opti­miz­er allows con­sis­tent clean­ing stan­dards with clean­ing times that are applied across the board.

Respond Flexibly to Budgetary Changes

Com­pa­ny resources are nev­er sta­t­ic. The needs of your cus­tomers change often, and you must be ready to respond. ES Opti­miz­er allows you to stay flex­i­ble. Run­ning “What If” sce­nar­ios enables you to quick­ly assess a vari­ety of ser­vice options. You can eas­i­ly demon­strate the ser­vice impli­ca­tions of any pro­posed cost reduc­tion.

Create a Solid Work Plan

Create Balanced Work Assignments

Equi­table work assign­ments are essen­tial to employ­ee pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and morale. With the right bal­ance, you can cov­er all areas and keep employ­ees moti­vat­ed. As you build work assign­ments in ES Opti­miz­er, it cal­cu­lates the total clean­ing time as you add rooms, mak­ing it easy to assess prac­ti­cal­i­ty and fair­ness of each assign­ment.

When employ­ees feel they are treat­ed fair­ly, every­one ben­e­fits. ES Opti­miz­er makes it sim­ple.

Ensure All Assignments Are Consistently Covered

Unex­pect­ed absences are a prob­lem for any ser­vice depart­ment. For­tu­nate­ly, they can be man­aged. ES Opti­miz­er lets you set up a tem­plate to make sched­ul­ing easy. You’ll have a sys­tem in place to cov­er sud­den absences, includ­ing the abil­i­ty to make Short Staff Assign­ments. And you’ll reduce the time it takes to main­tain this key com­po­nent of your oper­a­tion.

Improve Project Work with Proactive Scheduling

ES Opti­miz­er orga­nizes project clean­ing and keeps you on top of it. You’ll avoid cus­tomer dis­sat­is­fac­tion and take the “cri­sis man­age­ment” out of project work. You’ll also sup­port your employ­ees with a clear plan for keep­ing up with peri­od­ic duties. When your employ­ees can con­cen­trate on the job at hand, they are less frus­trat­ed and more pro­duc­tive.

Best of all, ES Opti­miz­er frees your man­agers to devote more atten­tion to inter­nal cus­tomers and employ­ee train­ing.

Improve Performance and Report Results

Quality Management

ES Optimizer’s mobile app lets you inspect work assign­ments, col­lect data via mobile device, and com­pile the find­ings to give you an accu­rate pic­ture of your qual­i­ty per­for­mance. Qual­i­ty Man­age­ment is made easy with ES Opti­miz­er Mobile.


When it’s time to account for your envi­ron­men­tal ser­vices depart­ment per­for­mance, the num­bers are a few sim­ple key­strokes away. Choose from hun­dreds of report­ing options or request your own cus­tom reports.

Mobile Capabilities

We’re Mobile. And It’s Easy.

ES Optimizer Mobile App

Con­duct Qual­i­ty Inspec­tions in the field on your Apple device. Web-based. Easy data entry. Swift adop­tion. On Apple iOS.

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Smart Facility Software has always worked to collaborate with other applications used by our clients’ facilities.

We are com­mit­ted to cre­at­ing a seam­less work­flow for our users even when that work­flow cross­es into oth­er appli­ca­tions. To that end, we have devel­oped 3 ways to send and receive data from oth­er sys­tems.


1. A unique inter­face designed espe­cial­ly for Tele­track­ing and Smart Facil­i­ty Soft­ware.

Tele­track­ing Inte­gra­tion

2. An HL7 inter­face engine that allows us to send and receive data to/from mul­ti­ple appli­ca­tions.

HL7 Inter­face

3. Upload Cen­sus Data — In its sim­plest form, our inter­op­er­abil­i­ty has alway includ­ed the abil­i­ty to Upload Cen­sus Data from any appli­ca­tion at the start of each day.

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