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Choose from 3 soft­ware prod­ucts to build your pack­age:
ES Opti­miz­er, Ser­vice Opti­miz­er, Sur­vey Opti­miz­er




Advanced Survey Capabilities

ES Optimizer

ES Optimizer (ESO) +
Service Optimizer

ES Optimizer (ESO) +
Service Optimizer +
Survey Optimizer

Survey Optimizer

  • Staffing

    Database of Facility Data

    Database of Facility Data

    • At its core, ES Optimizer is a database organizing an inventory of all your cleanable space.
    • Rooms are organized by buildings, floors, areas, and assigned tasks and cleaning frequencies.
    • Vital cleaning metrics are assigned to each room: room type, square footage/units, floor surface and cleaning steps.
    • Cleaning times and task frequencies for each room are easily viewed and adjusted.
    • Over 90 healthcare room type cleaning standards developed over the last 30 years.
    Staffing Analysis & Report

    Staffing Analysis & Report

    • Justify staffing requests with detailed, data-driven reports.
    • Create unlimited Staffing Analyses based on complete, accurate facility data.
    • Run, analyze and implement “What If?” scenarios to evaluate proposed changes to your cleaning program, such as budget restrictions or additional requirements on the EVS team.
  • Assignments & Scheduling

    Daily Assignments

    Daily Assignments

    • The software calculates cleaning time in each assignment as you build it.
    • Multiple filtering capabilities to find rooms/tasks to add to work assignments—filter tasks by frequency, room type and location.
    • Insert notes with time adjustments.
    • Drag and drop rooms to put cleaning sequences in order.
    • Automatic insertion of breaks based on cleaning-time totals.
    • Choose from different work assignment formats for employees and managers.
    • Combine assignments to build short staff assignments when absenteeism creates staffing challenges.
    Census-Based Scheduling

    Census-Based Scheduling

    • Get a snapshot of patient room assignment workloads at the start of each day.
    • Retrieve and import vital bed information from your ADT system.
    • Easily set discharge quotas for each work assignment based on the day’s census.
    • Analyze daily productivity results.
    • Enter projects and flex-time data to create accurate productivity reports.
    Project Work

    Project Work

    • Make a solid plan for project work.
    • Create project assignments and work orders with a few clicks.
    • Track scheduled projects versus completed.
    • Know when projects are completed.
    • Choose from default project frequencies or customize your own.
    • View scheduled project work on a daily calendar.
    • Create reports.
    Days On/Days Off Scheduling

    Days On/Days Off Scheduling

    • Build a custom master template from your work assignments.
    • Drop-down menus show daily availability from one week to ten weeks out.
    • Apply the master template across calendar dates with one click.
    • Schedule PTO while seeing the holes in the roster.
    • Print daily sign-in sheets and post schedules by employee and assignment.
    • Run attendance reports with specific PTO data by employee.
  • Training & QA

    Employee Training

    Employee Training

    • Schedule, document and manage employee training.
    • Create your own in-services or choose from over 50 standardized classes.
    • Schedule in advance and print accurate sign-in sheets.
    • Document attendance and test scores.
    • View and print individual training records.
    • Report on completed classes, attendance and scores.
    Mobile Training Management

    Mobile Training Management

    • Schedule training on the mobile app.
    • Document attendance and scores on the mobile app.
    • Mobile app accepts for employee signatures.
    Mobile QA Inspections

    Mobile QA Inspections

    • Create inspections based on daily assignments.
    • Customize the scoring system.
    • Conduct cleaning inspections in the field with our mobile app.
    • No real-time internet connection required for data collection.
    • Data syncs over the cloud to the ES Optimizer database—no secondary processes or data entry needed.
    • Ability to attach pictures and comments to each inspection step.
    • Access over 40 customizable reports.
  • Customer Service

    Any Customer Can Submit Mobile Service Requests

    Any Customer Can Submit Mobile Service Requests

    • The software generates unique QR codes and texting codes signage for each space in the facility.
    • Signs can be customized by room type, types of requests, and issues to report.
    • Post QR code signage in any room or high traffic area.
    • Visitors, patients and staff can request service on any mobile phone via QR code scan or text message.
    • Service requests are automatically logged in the database and sent to the designated manager. The manager then dispatches the task to a technician. The technician then completes the task and marks it complete in the app, sending a completed alert to the manager.
  • Mobile Team Communications

    Mobile Daily Assignments & Policing Assignments

    Mobile Daily Assignments & Policing Assignments

    • Drop paper assignments and checklists. Document daily and project cleaning on mobile devices instead.
    • Technicians mark tasks complete as they go in the mobile app.
    • Real-time dashboards and reports show managers the status of assignments throughout the day.
    • Generate between-case histories with time stamps for lock-in staffing justification.
    • Easily create cleaning log reports required by regulations or policies.
    Mobile Task Management

    Mobile Task Management

    • Schedule, assign, and reassign tasks to team members from your mobile device to theirs.
    • New task alerts delivered to technician’s device with audio and visual notifications.
    • Technicians can document additional tasks requested by customers.
    • Both technicians and managers can log and inspect completed project work with their mobile devices.
    • Technicians can scan a room’s QR code to timestamp arrival or the start of the task.
    Mobile Communications App

    Mobile Communications App

    • Web-to-mobile, mobile-to-mobile, and mobile-to-web are in a single texting platform that keeps all team communications at your fingertips.
    • Communicating via the communications app eliminates the need for EVS cell phones, pagers, and phone tag.
    • In-app audio and visual alerts ensure incoming messages get read.
    Real-Time EVS Dashboard (Web App)

    Real-Time EVS Dashboard

    • View up to 9 charts in the dashboard.
    • Customize the dashboard by choosing built-in charts or create your own.
    • Filter dashboard data by employee, area, supervisor and date range.
  • Advanced Survey Capabilities

    Build Any Survey

    Build Any Survey

    • Build any unique survey.
    • Choose from or modify built-in survey templates.
    • Multiple scoring options — pass/fail, 1–5, etc.; or create your own.
    • Location lists — Track where surveys are conducted.
    • Surveyee lists — Track who is being surveyed.
    • Control access with user groups.
    • Option to require signatures on mobile survey.
    • Add pictures of issues to mobile survey.
    • Schedule project work from the survey as issues are discovered.
    Mobile Data Collection

    Mobile Data Collection

    • Upload survey data wirelessly to the cloud-based database.
    • Attach location data pulled from the facility database.
    • Track where your surveys are conducted, including departments and even rooms within departments.
    • Eliminate paper surveys and data re-entry.
    Data Ready for Instant Reporting

    Data Ready for Instant Reporting

    • Cloud-based — Upload data wirelessly to the cloud.
    • Instant data entry — No more handwritten notes.
    • Instant reporting — Choose from over 30 types of reports.
    Swift Adoption

    Swift Adoption

    • Minimal setup and training.
  • Dashboards & Reporting



    Customize your own dashboard to view any data in your database:
    • Choose data points and graph types
    Pre-Built Dashboards that include:
    • Department Management Statistics, including: room inventory stats, cleaning times, employees/shift, project work completed, QA inspections
    • Real-Time Progress Metrics, including: percentage of patient beds cleaned, total rooms cleaned by employee, total tasks completed by employee, restroom comments (ie. paper products out), duty completion rate for the day
    • Survey Usage: number of surveys completed, Top 5 templates used
    • Survey Performance passing rates vs. failing rates by survey, average score, number of faults — generated vs. resolved


    Over 200 Built-in reports available on the data elements in the system. Some examples include:
    • Report on Room Inventory in multiple ways
    • Cleaning Data
    • Employee Training Reports.
    • Export Daily Work Assignments
    • Productivity Reporting
    • Project Work Orders
    • Cleaning Compliance
    • Cleaning History & Policing History by Date and Time
    Survey Results reports ready as soon as a survey is completed.
    • Export Reports to PDF, Excel, CSV, RTF, XML or Word. Print, Export or Email Reports
    • Request Custom Reports
  • Enterprise Solution

    Sys­temwide Dash­board & Con­trol Pan­el (Insight Pan­el)

    Enter­prise Pric­ing

    Make Any Pack­age Enter­prise to Add Insight Pan­el & Get Enter­prise Pric­ing!

  • Support

    Live Tech Sup­port

    All Soft­ware pack­ages receive Live Tech Sup­port and access to a des­ig­nat­ed EVS Con­sul­tant.

Core Package

Includes ES Optimizer


  • Data­base of Facil­i­ty
  • Staffing Analy­sis & Report


  • Dai­ly Assign­ments
  • Cen­sus-Based Sched­ul­ing
  • Project Work
  • Days On/Days Off Sched­ul­ing


  • Employ­ee Train­ing
  • Mobile Train­ing Man­age­ment
  • Mobile QA Inspec­tions


  • Dash­boards
  • Report­ing


(Make Any Pack­age Enter­prise to Add Insight Pan­el & Get Enter­prise Pric­ing!)


(All Soft­ware pack­ages receive Live Tech Sup­port and access to a des­ig­nat­ed EVS Con­sul­tant.)

Performance Package

Includes ES Optimizer and Service Optimizer



  • Mobile Dai­ly Assign­ments & Polic­ing Assign­ments
  • Mobile Task Man­age­ment
  • Mobile Com­mu­ni­ca­tions App
  • Real-Time EVS Dash­board (Web App)


  • Any Cus­tomer Can Sub­mit Mobile Ser­vice Requests

Premium Package

Includes ES Optimizer, Service Optimizer, and Survey Optimizer



  • Build Any Sur­vey
  • Mobile Data Col­lec­tion
  • Data Ready for Instant Report­ing
  • Swift Adop­tion

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