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Environmental Services Resources

At Smart Facility Software, we’re always examining ways to make it easier for facilities to effectively manage environmental services. These articles are designed to help directors communicate management concepts unique to EVS with hospital administration, fostering a greater understanding and more productive relationship.

The Advantages of Going Paperless for EVS Teams

Stud­ies show that paper­less hos­pi­tals are bet­ter for both patients and staff, mak­ing hos­pi­tals safer, more effi­cient, and more sus­tain­able. But it’s not just patient health records that are going dig­i­tal: envi­ron­men­tal ser­vices can ben­e­fit […]

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3 Things to Look For in Your Environmental Services Software

3 Things to Look for in your Environmental Services Software

Meet­ing Envi­ron­men­tal Ser­vices goals requires a plan, and a soft­ware, unique to your facil­i­ty. Smart Facil­i­ty Soft­ware is the orig­i­nal spe­cial­ized soft­ware built for your unique EVS work­flow. As a hos­pi­tal leader, you know bet­ter […]

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