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Survey Optimizer Brings All Surveys
Together in One Place.

There has never been a tool like Survey Optimizer.

Com­pile data from mul­ti­ple loca­tions as it’s col­lect­ed. Elec­tron­i­cal­ly doc­u­ment steps tak­en dur­ing iso­la­tion cleans. Assure com­pli­ance with crit­i­cal stan­dards using mobile sur­veys. With COVID-19 Com­pli­ant Sur­veys. You can cre­ate and con­duct any sur­vey, in the field or online.

  • Advanced Survey Capabilities

    Build Any Sur­vey

    Build Any Survey

    • Build any unique sur­vey.
    • Choose from or mod­i­fy built-in sur­vey tem­plates.
    • Mul­ti­ple scor­ing options — pass/fail, 1–5, etc.; or cre­ate your own.
    • Loca­tion lists — Track where sur­veys are con­duct­ed.
    • Sur­vey­ee lists — Track who is being sur­veyed.
    • Con­trol access with user groups.
    • Option to require sig­na­tures on mobile sur­vey.
    • Add pic­tures of issues to mobile sur­vey.
    • Sched­ule project work from the sur­vey as issues are dis­cov­ered.


    Mobile Data Col­lec­tion

    Mobile Data Collection

    • Upload sur­vey data wire­less­ly to the cloud-based data­base.
    • Attach loca­tion data pulled from the facil­i­ty data­base.
    • Track where your sur­veys are con­duct­ed, includ­ing depart­ments and even rooms with­in depart­ments.
    • Elim­i­nate paper sur­veys and data re-entry.


    Data Ready for Instant Report­ing

    Data Ready for Instant Reporting

    • Cloud-based — Upload data wire­less­ly to the cloud.
    • Instant data entry — No more hand­writ­ten notes.
    • Instant report­ing — Choose from over 30 types of reports.


    Swift Adop­tion

    Swift Adoption

    • Min­i­mal set­up and train­ing.


  • Dashboards & Reporting



    Cus­tomize your own dash­board to view any data in your data­base:

    • Choose data points and graph types

    Pre-Built Dash­boards that include:

    • Depart­ment Man­age­ment Sta­tis­tics, includ­ing: room inven­to­ry stats, clean­ing times, employees/shift, project work com­plet­ed, QA inspec­tions
    • Real-Time Progress Met­rics, includ­ing: per­cent­age of patient beds cleaned, total rooms cleaned by employ­ee, total tasks com­plet­ed by employ­ee, restroom com­ments (ie. paper prod­ucts out), duty com­ple­tion rate for the day
    • Sur­vey Usage: num­ber of sur­veys com­plet­ed, Top 5 tem­plates used
    • Sur­vey Per­for­mance pass­ing rates vs. fail­ing rates by sur­vey, aver­age score, num­ber of faults — gen­er­at­ed vs. resolved




    Over 200 Built-in reports avail­able on the data ele­ments in the sys­tem. Some exam­ples include:

    • Report on Room Inven­to­ry in mul­ti­ple ways
    • Clean­ing Data
    • Employ­ee Train­ing Reports.
    • Export Dai­ly Work Assign­ments
    • Pro­duc­tiv­i­ty Report­ing
    • Project Work Orders
    • Clean­ing Com­pli­ance
    • Clean­ing His­to­ry & Polic­ing His­to­ry by Date and Time

    Sur­vey Results reports ready as soon as a sur­vey is com­plet­ed.

    • Export Reports to PDF, Excel, CSV, RTF, XML or Word. Print, Export or Email Reports
    • Request Cus­tom Reports


  • Enterprise

    Sys­temwide Dash­board & Con­trol Pan­el (Insight Pan­el)
    Enter­prise Pric­ing
    Make Any Pack­age Enter­prise to Add Insight Pan­el & Get Enter­prise Pric­ing!
  • Support

    Live Tech Sup­port
    Des­ig­nat­ed EVS Con­sul­tant.

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Easy Startup and Operation

Web-Based⁠—No Software Installation is Required

Access Sur­vey Opti­miz­er via your brows­er. Build vir­tu­al­ly any sur­vey on your desk­top, trans­fer the sur­vey to your Apple mobile device and sync the results back to your Sur­vey Opti­miz­er data­base for instant report­ing. It’s seam­less from one device to anoth­er.

Easy Data Entry

Enter infor­ma­tion into Sur­vey Opti­miz­er once and be done. No more hav­ing to trans­fer hand­writ­ten notes or enter data twice.

Convenient Templates

Build your own sur­veys, or get a quick start with our library of ready-made for­mats and sur­vey types.

Swift Adoption

Sur­vey Opti­miz­er requires min­i­mal set­up and training—you can put it to work right away.

Seamless Access Across Your Facility

Location Lists — Works with ES Optimizer

Track where your sur­veys are con­duct­ed, includ­ing depart­ments and even rooms with­in depart­ments. For sub­scribers to ES Opti­miz­er, the facil­i­ty and room data can be pulled direct­ly into Sur­vey Opti­miz­er.

Seamless Across Your Enterprise

Upload sur­vey data wire­less­ly to the web appli­ca­tion.

Flexible and Customizable

Flexible User Management

Set up users and user groups, set pass­words, define access to sur­veys and data, and acti­vate and deac­ti­vate users as need­ed.

Multiple Scoring Options

Cus­tomize your score types, includ­ing true-false, numer­ic and pass-fail.

Reporting Your Way

Reports are avail­able as soon as a sur­vey is com­plet­ed.
Cre­ate cus­tom reports and send via email as PDF attach­ments.

Ideal For Benchmarking

Be sure your goals for safe­ty, clean­li­ness and secu­ri­ty sup­port qual­i­ty improve­ment.

Training and Support

Turnkey assistance

Start­up help includes hands-on train­ing for your staff. You also get sur­vey tem­plates and a jump start on sur­vey man­age­ment.

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