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Improve EVS workflow, HCAHPS scores and ROI.

With EVS technology from Smart Facility™ Software

Improve EVS Response Time with QR Code and Text Message Signage

Respond faster to EVS service requests submitted by any customer’s smartphone.

Any customer can submit an instant service request by simply scanning a QR Code or texting a number you post in a high traffic area. Just add Service Optimizer to ES Optimizer. Post QR codes and text message signage anywhere to speed up EVS response time and ensure critical areas stay clean. Improve patient perception of cleanliness and boost HCAHPS scores.

Unique QR Codes and Text Room Codes are automatically generated for each room in your ES Optimizer database. Service requests are sent directly to managers on their mobile devices, where they can assign them to technicians. Technicians instantly receive the task along with notes, instructions and urgency on a mobile device.

Capture technician check-in and check-out with a QR Code scan.

Using the same QR Code capability, environmental services technicians can scan a posted QR Code to indicate that they’ve begun cleaning an area, then scan the code again to timestamp when they’ve completed the task.

Scan a room to easily create and assign a project.

When a supervisor sees an issue from the floor, they can immediately task it to a technician by scanning the area’s QR Code with their mobile device. Technicians receive audio and visual alerts right away on their mobile devices with notes, instructions and urgency.

There are many more possibilities for applying QR Codes in your facility. Some hospitals are using it to speed up operating room turnover time, allowing nurses to instantly send an alert to EVS dispatch when the OR is ready to be cleaned.

Contact us if you would like to harness the efficiency of QR Code and Text Codes for your facility.

environmental services manager assigns a task to a technician from the hospital floor using service optimizer by smart facility software

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