ES Optimizer’s Qual­i­ty Man­age­ment mod­ule rev­o­lu­tion­izes rou­tine Qual­i­ty Inspec­tions so you can refine your cur­rent EVS process­es and con­tin­u­al­ly improve your depart­ment. 

Once a room is select­ed for sur­vey, your inspec­tion list is auto­mat­i­cal­ly pop­u­lat­ed with the clean­ing steps for that room. You can mon­i­tor qual­i­ty step-by-step and get a clear pic­ture of areas where your team requires more train­ing.

With the Qual­i­ty Man­age­ment mod­ule you can:

  • Cre­ate inspec­tions from work assign­ment on desk­top or on a mobile device and access them from the cloud.
  • Cre­ate inspec­tions of spe­cif­ic rooms or ran­dom­ly cho­sen rooms.
  • Sched­ule inspec­tions to take place in the future.
  • Select rooms for inspec­tion by assign­ment, by floor, by depart­ment, and more.
  • Print paper inspec­tion forms or com­plete inspec­tions on a mobile device.
  • Pro­vide an employ­ee score for each clean­ing step (from “poor” to “out­stand­ing”).
  • Add a pre-pop­u­lat­ed text com­ment, a cus­tom text com­ment, and/or a pho­to to each clean­ing step.
  • Track a his­to­ry of inspec­tions for a room.
  • Report Results Trends over time.

Use these videos to guide you through creating Quality Inspections in ES Optimizer:

Create a Quality Inspection

Complete an Inspection — Part One

Complete an Inspection — Part Two

How to Manage Faults

For more help with ES Optimizer’s Qual­i­ty Man­age­ment mod­ule, you can con­tact sup­port, vis­it our instruc­tion­al videos library, or check out our YouTube chan­nel.

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