We are con­stant­ly updat­ing our soft­ware to fit our users’ needs.  We are in the field with you, tak­ing your requests. We put those into action as often as we can, some­times overnight, to make our appli­ca­tions work for you.

From time to time, we have real­ly big news – some big changes to get excit­ed about.  Today, in our new release of ES Opti­miz­er Mobile, we have over 20 user expe­ri­ence enhance­ments, bug fix­es, and new capa­bil­i­ties to make your life eas­i­er. These are the four most excit­ing updates to look for­ward to:

Employee Training in ES Optimizer Mobile:

Now you can manage employee training from your mobile device as well as the web!

When you update the ES Opti­miz­er Mobile app on your Apple device, you will see a new menu option – “Employ­ee Train­ing”.

After click­ing on Employ­ee Train­ing on the main menu, you will be able to:

  • Sched­ule a Class
  • Take Atten­dance
  • Add Grades

Employ­ees can even sign their name on the mobile device.

Every­thing entered on the mobile app will syn­chro­nize with the data­base and be acces­si­ble in the web appli­ca­tion of ES Opti­miz­er.

QA Inspections:

Add Rooms to an Inspection even when the Inspection has already been completed.

This is for users con­duct­ing QA inspec­tions in the field using ES Opti­miz­er Mobile. New rooms can now be added to an exist­ing inspec­tion that has already been com­plet­ed.

Pre­vi­ous­ly, a com­plet­ed inspec­tion meant the data was synced with the web and no more rooms could be added. Users had to cre­ate a new inspec­tion on a dif­fer­ent date. This is no longer need­ed.

You will now be able to tap the Add but­ton to add rooms to a com­plet­ed inspec­tion. Once you do, the inspec­tion will return to the incom­plete sta­tus until these rooms are also inspect­ed. The infor­ma­tion for the cor­re­spond­ing sur­vey in the data­base and on the web­site will also reflect these changes.

Once you click the “Add Rooms” but­ton, just choose today’s date for it to be added to today’s inspec­tion.

Survey Optimizer:

Create Surveys that allow free text responses

Until now, sur­veys built with Sur­vey Opti­miz­er only allowed scor­ing options that had to be pre­de­fined – such as Pass/Fail or 1 through 5. Those con­duct­ing a sur­vey had to score it by choos­ing between scores pre­sent­ed in a drop­down.

Now, in addi­tion to pre­de­fined scores, Sur­vey Opti­miz­er lets you ask open-end­ed ques­tions and type in the respon­dents’ unique answers with free text.  

When build­ing a sur­vey tem­plate, choose the new tem­plate type called “Inter­view Tem­plate”. When con­duct­ing the sur­vey, you will click the “Answer” but­ton to type in the answer.

Faster Syncing:

Data Between the Web Application and Mobile App will now be faster.

As you are col­lect­ing data on your mobile device and pulling data from your ES Opti­miz­er data­base, speed is of the essence. Because there are large amounts of data being passed back and forth, it can take some time to sync.

We have now moved to a new tech­nol­o­gy that great­ly improves our sync­ing process and decreas­es the wait when you sync data in ES Opti­miz­er Mobile.

Update your ES Opti­miz­er Mobile App to take advan­tage of these and oth­er updates.

As always, reach out to us for help with any fea­ture in our soft­ware plat­forms. We are hap­py to help in any way we can.

Tech Sup­port – 800–260-8665, ext. 2