Our exper­tise is lever­aged to build out all the ES mod­ules.

We all know that busy sched­ules place demands on the Envi­ron­men­tal Ser­vices man­age­ment team that doesn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly allow time for set­ting up their pro­gram to its peak effec­tive­ness.

We provide support in these areas:

  • Build­ing all the dai­ly work assign­ments by eval­u­at­ing work­loads, order­ing routes, and adding ser­vice notes to ensure all assign­ments are equi­table and accu­rate.
  • Design Project/Preventative main­te­nance mod­ule in ES Opti­miz­er.
  • Build the com­pre­hen­sive qual­i­ty assur­ance pro­gram with­in ES Opti­miz­er with month­ly report­ing fea­tures for Envi­ron­men­tal Ser­vices.
  • Design a com­pre­hen­sive train­ing agen­da for all house­keep­ing staff, includ­ing super­vi­sors and man­agers.
  • Iden­ti­fy best prac­tices of oth­er ES depart­ments that are cur­rent­ly not in place.
  • Cre­ate an imple­men­ta­tion plan for ES Opti­miz­er that details the nec­es­sary steps for a suc­cess­ful deploy­ment.
  • For long-term clients, we pro­vide sup­port by updat­ing room clean­ing data via a walk-through of areas that con­tain rooms that have expe­ri­enced phys­i­cal changes. This ser­vice is called “Val­i­da­tion” because we are cor­rect­ing the clean­ing infor­ma­tion in ES Opti­miz­er.