When it’s time to present to the bud­get com­mit­tee, you can jus­ti­fy your EVS staffing lev­els with the most accu­rate and up-to-date data and ensure that you have ade­quate staffing using your ES Opti­miz­er Reports.

First, make sure your room inven­to­ry in ES Opti­miz­er is up-to-date.

If there’s been a change in your clean­able space, whether that’s an office move, con­struc­tion, or a floor­ing upgrade, you might need more peo­ple. Update your ES Opti­miz­er data­base to deter­mine how your work­flow will be affect­ed.

Updat­ing room infor­ma­tion is a sim­ple process in ES Opti­miz­er. Choose “Mas­ter File” in the soft­ware. Here you can add Build­ings, Depart­ments and Rooms.

Sec­ond, Use ES Opti­miz­er to cal­cu­late # of peo­ple need­ed to per­form rou­tine and project clean­ing tasks. Choose “Staffing Analy­sis” under “Spe­cial Func­tion” in the soft­ware.

Third, Cal­cu­late addi­tion­al staffing needs. This includes:

  • Man­age­ment FTEs
  • Lock-In Posi­tions
  • Duties the EVS depart­ment per­forms beside clean­ing such as: Bulk/Bio Waste Col­lec­tion, Recy­cled Mate­ri­als Col­lec­tion, Linen PU/Delivery, Meet­ing Set-Up/Break­down, etc.

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