Respond faster to EVS service requests submitted by any customer’s smartphone.

Any cus­tomer can sub­mit an instant ser­vice request by sim­ply scan­ning a QR Code or tex­ting a num­ber you post in a high traf­fic area. Just add Ser­vice Opti­miz­er to ES Opti­miz­er. Post QR codes and text mes­sage sig­nage any­where to speed up EVS response time and ensure crit­i­cal areas stay clean. Improve patient per­cep­tion of clean­li­ness and boost HCAHPS scores.

Unique QR Codes and Text Room Codes are auto­mat­i­cal­ly gen­er­at­ed for each room in your ES Opti­miz­er data­base. Ser­vice requests are sent direct­ly to man­agers on their mobile devices, where they can assign them to tech­ni­cians. Tech­ni­cians instant­ly receive the task along with notes, instruc­tions and urgency on a mobile device.

Capture technician check-in and check-out with a QR Code scan.

Using the same QR Code capa­bil­i­ty, envi­ron­men­tal ser­vices tech­ni­cians can scan a post­ed QR Code to indi­cate that they’ve begun clean­ing an area, then scan the code again to time­stamp when they’ve com­plet­ed the task.

Scan a room to easily create and assign a project.

When a super­vi­sor sees an issue from the floor, they can imme­di­ate­ly task it to a tech­ni­cian by scan­ning the area’s QR Code with their mobile device. Tech­ni­cians receive audio and visu­al alerts right away on their mobile devices with notes, instruc­tions and urgency.

There are many more pos­si­bil­i­ties for apply­ing QR Codes in your facil­i­ty. Some hos­pi­tals are using it to speed up oper­at­ing room turnover time, allow­ing nurs­es to instant­ly send an alert to EVS dis­patch when the OR is ready to be cleaned.

Con­tact us if you would like to har­ness the effi­cien­cy of QR Code and Text Codes for your facil­i­ty.

environmental services manager assigns a task to a technician from the hospital floor using service optimizer by smart facility software