We have clos­er inte­gra­tion between ES Opti­miz­er & Sur­vey Opti­miz­er. If you are an ES Opti­miz­er User and have upgrad­ed your Inspec­tion Tool to Sur­vey Opti­miz­er, the new fea­tures are pret­ty big news! We now pro­vide access to both ES Opti­miz­er and Sur­vey Opti­miz­er from the same log in screen. login   You can then eas­i­ly switch between appli­ca­tions by click­ing on the but­ton at the top right of the screen. launch

And, con­trol access to both pro­grams in the USERS screen.


Import­ing ROOMS and EMPLOYEES from ES Opti­miz­er into Pock­et Sur­vey Tool is now one click away. Import employees

Not yet famil­iar with Sur­vey Opti­miz­er? Sur­vey Opti­miz­er is a high-pow­ered app that lets yYou can per­form a unlim­it­ed vari­ety of sur­veys and inspec­tions with Sur­vey Opti­miz­er. Here are a few exam­ples.