1) You can now add a Guest Train­er

ES Opti­miz­er now has a new fea­ture allow­ing ES Depart­ment man­agers to add a Guest Train­er to the sys­tem. This new fea­ture allows soft­ware users to enter train­ers that may be out­side the hos­pi­tal such as a floor fin­ish ven­dor, clean­ing chem­i­cal ven­dor, or safe­ty train­er from out­side the facility’s Envi­ron­men­tal Ser­vices depart­ment. This new release also allows mul­ti­ple job types to be flagged for train­ing. 

screenshot of ES Optimizer

2) Mul­ti­ple Job Types can be assigned to a train­ing ses­sion.

Also, train­ers can select the mul­ti­ple job types to allow for class­es that cov­er mul­ti­ple job types/positions. This means, a House­keep­er 3 employ­ee can attend House­keep­er 1 or 2 class­es.

 screenshot of ES Optimizer

3) Updat­ed Reports

The fol­low­ing train­ing reports have been updat­ed to include the new options above. You can now see the Guest Train­er and mut­li­ple Job Types when more than one are added.

updated reports with guest trainer field