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Assignments & Scheduling

Trade hours in spreadsheets for minutes in ES Optimizer — the time-tested hospital staffing scheduling software.

Good work assignments.
“The basics of any EVS department revolve around staffing, good work assignments, and follow through.” Smart Facility Software’s Shawn Wright repeats this fundamental equation frequently. EVS Managers know that successful infection prevention involves thousands of tasks and work assignments every day. Managers also know that software is the best tool to make those thousands of assignments balanced, standardized and manageable.

The original staffing scheduling software that always adapts.
The most used and trusted tool for making good EVS work assignments is Smart Facility’s ES Optimizer software— the software that was built for EVS managers by EVS managers. It remains the leading tool because it adapts every season when hospital and staffing needs evolve.

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Scheduling in Action

This is how it works.

1. Daily assignments

Create balanced, standardized, and easy-to-read work assignments.

It’s a robust tool that cal­cu­lates clean­ing time as you build assign­ments.

2. Census-based scheduling

Import census data daily to get a snapshot of patient room workloads.

Set dis­charge quo­tas and add project work to accu­rate­ly ana­lyze pro­duc­tiv­i­ty.

3. Days on/off scheduling

Ensure that all work assignments are covered.

The tool sim­pli­fies com­plex PTO sched­ules, includ­ing a drop-down set of menus to show dai­ly avail­abil­i­ty — from one to ten weeks out.

4. Project work

Schedule project work on a daily calendar, or add it as you see the need.

Choose from default project fre­quen­cies or cus­tomize tim­ing. Projects can be added on desk­top or the mobile app.

Staffing and scheduling strength is in the details:

Dai­ly Assign­ments

  • Mul­ti­ple capa­bil­i­ties fil­ter tasks by fre­quen­cy, room type and loca­tion.
  • Drag and drop rooms to put clean­ing sequences in order.
  • Auto­mat­ic inser­tion of breaks based on clean­ing-time totals.
  • Choose from dif­fer­ent work assign­ment for­mats for employ­ees and man­agers.
  • Com­bine assign­ments to build short staff assign­ments when absen­teeism cre­ates staffing chal­lenges.

Days On/Off Sched­ul­ing

  • Build a cus­tom mas­ter tem­plate from your work assign­ments.
  • Apply the mas­ter tem­plate across cal­en­dar dates with one click.
  • Sched­ule PTO while see­ing the holes in the ros­ter.
  • Print dai­ly sign-in sheets and post sched­ules by employ­ee and assign­ment.
  • Run atten­dance reports with spe­cif­ic PTO data by employ­ee.