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Decision Engine

Automate hundreds of routine decisions, each week.

Our housekeeping management software shares the load.
EVS Managers are responsible for assigning hundreds of tasks each week. Let our Decision Engine share some of the load..

The right decision — exactly the way you would make it.
Rest easy knowing that our software will make the correct decision, exactly the way you would make it, based on the criteria you set.

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This is how it works.

Routine decisions bypass the busy manager.

1. You control the criteria. Make decisions once.

For one-off task requests that pop up outside your EVS schedule.

Unlike pre-planned dai­ly assign­ments, tasks are one-off requests that come up out­side your planned envi­ron­men­tal ser­vices sched­ule. Deci­sion Engine allows you to set up task dis­tri­b­u­tion rules that auto­mat­i­cal­ly assign a task when it comes in.

2. Three ways that tasks enter the system.

All tasks enter through Smart Facility’s ES Optimizer software.

There are three pri­ma­ry ways that one-off tasks are entered into Deci­sion Engine in ES Opti­miz­er. 1) A QR-Code scan may gen­er­ate a task; 2) An inte­gra­tion with EHR through the HL7 inter­face can ini­ti­ate a task; and 3) a task may be entered man­u­al­ly by a man­ag­er.

3. When tasks come in they are automatically assigned.

Your criteria includes priority levels for room type and/or type of service.

Based on the room type and/or type of ser­vice request­ed, your cri­te­ria includes lev­els that rep­re­sent the type of per­son­nel that should be assigned the task. For exam­ple, an “Assigned Super­vi­sor,” or “Cov­er­age Area Employ­ee.”

Lev­el 1 is your first choice—the per­son­nel type that is most appro­pri­ate for the type of task being assigned.
If a Lev­el 1 team mem­ber is not signed into the sys­tem, Deci­sion Engine looks for the team mem­ber in Lev­el 2.
If no one from Lev­el 2 is avail­able, then the sys­tem will move on to Lev­el 3, and so on.

Decision Engine looks for the most appropriate person available, based on the criteria and levels you set.