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Restroom QR Codes & Beyond

This service request software improves response times and streamlines all EVS functions.

Any customers — internal or external — can submit a service request.
When a QR code is scanned to make a housekeeping service request, the request is logged in the database and sent to the manager. Or, the task can be assigned automatically to an EVS technician by Smart Facility’s Decision Engine.

Beyond the restroom — streamlining all EVS operations.
The classic QR code housekeeping request began in the restroom. Now, QR codes are used in any hospital space to extend the eyes and ears of EVS. Hospital staff (including EVS managers), patients and visitors can all report an issue anywhere a QR code is posted. For hospital staff, standing requests can easily be prompted with a scan: “Trash is ready for pick up in the lab,” for instance.

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Beyond Restroom Alerts:
QR Codes Streamline All EVS Operations


This is how it works.

1. Software generates unique QR codes for facility spaces

Customized QR code signage or small stickers can be posted anywhere.

Sig­nage can be cus­tomized by room type, request type, and issues type.

2. Post QR codes in any high-traffic area or room

Visitors, patients, staff, or EVS team member can scan with a smartphone.

All smart­phones (Apple and Android) make scan­ning a QR code as sim­ple as tak­ing a pho­to. The code links to a screen where the user can select the ser­vice need­ed and press sub­mit.

3. Service requests are automatically logged, sent to manager

The manager — or the Decision Engine — dispatches the task.

When a tech­ni­cian com­pletes the task, they can mark it com­plete in Smart Facility’s mobile app. The man­ag­er is alert­ed about the com­ple­tion. All activ­i­ty is logged in the data­base.

In any area of the hospital, for any customer or staff


Inter­nal Cus­tomers
(Nurs­es, Admin­is­tra­tors)
can scan a room code to:

Exter­nal Cus­tomers
(Patients, Vis­i­tors)
can scan a room code to:

EVS Man­agers
can scan a room code to:

EVS Tech­ni­cians
can scan a room code to:


• Sub­mit ser­vice requests of any kind
• Noti­fy EVS of patient room dis­charges
• Report round­ing clean­ing issues

• Sub­mit ser­vice requests of any kind

• Cre­ate & assign a project
• Log clean­ing
• Log polic­ing

• Log clean­ing
• Log polic­ing